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Founded in October 2009, this start up specializes in engineering and scientific simulations with the mission to provide innovative solutions to Aerospace, Biomedical, Defense, and Energy sectors.

ISEM’s mission is twofold: 1. To pursue innovative ideas in various scientific and engineering disciplines, with the objective of promoting cross-transfer of technologies for better products. 2. To provide management insights for enabling these technologies to result in manufacturable and commercially viable products with minimized risks.

Company Resources

Located in the middle of Aerospace Technology corridor (GE Aviation, AFRL, NASA – Glen, and OAI), ISEM has an access to a very talented pool of engineers, scientists and project managers, some of whom are retirees from local industries. The current team members have over a hundred years of gas turbine design, CFD, Thermal Management, and mechanical design experience.

Our Value Proposition

1. Agility to quickly expand and meet your project requirements;
2. Existing high-end engineering computing power to carry out advanced analyses; and
3. Availability of state of the art design and analysis software for reliable delivery.


Technical Director, President
Dr. Jayesh M Mehta, MBA
Dr. Mehta graduated (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering) from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 1985. During his tenure at IIT, he also held a position as a Research Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory, contributing significantly to various DOE Programs in solar and wind power. Upon graduation, he joined GE Aviation in their Advanced Combustor group as a lead engineer, where he spearheaded several technology development programs from Navy, NASA, and AFRL. Most notables among them are: (1). Development of combustor noise prediction and mitigation technologies for Navy platforms, (2). Development of emissions reduction technologies for NASA High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) engine, and (3). Development of laser diagnostics based technologies for combustor flow field measurements.

Since 1993, Dr. Mehta has been instrumental in winning and executing several Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs from AFRL, NASA, and DOE. Over the years, the technology base for these programs have ranged from development of an innovative variable fan concept (NASA), to design and analysis of the full UAV engine using AFRL developed Trapped Vortex Combustor (TVC). In addition, through another series of SBIR awards, Dr. Mehta has explored advanced carbon-carbon rotating seal technologies, SiC-SiC CMC integrally woven combustor liner concepts, and has developed an innovative ink-jet technology based fuel nozzle. Recently (2009-2011), Dr. Mehta had secured and successfully completed two Phase I grants – one each from DOE and EPA – that had focused on developing innovative ‘Green technologies,’ for gas turbine and Internal Combustor Engines (ICE).

In addition, Dr. Mehta has spearheaded and successfully managed several technology development programs for GE Aviation, GE Energy, and Rolls Royce through TK Engineering, and BELCAN. These have included leading Computational Combustion and Heat Transfer based analyses for a series of Double Annular Combustors (LM6000, GE-90, and TVC), HP and LP turbine stator and rotor analyses, fan and compressor aero designs, and augmentor noise reduction schemes.

Dr. Mehta has also been actively engaged in various AIAA/ASME and OAI leadership activities. These have included past chairmanship of ASME Cincinnati Chapter, Secretary/treasurer of AIAA TES technical committee, AIAA P&C technical committee, and University of Cincinnati senior project committee chair. He was a founding member of the OAI focus group on fluid and propulsive systems and has helped organize several symposia at AFRL and at NASA for the group. He has been a reviewer, an AIAA Associate Fellow, and an Associate Editor for AIAA “Journal of Propulsion and Power.” He has also published more than sixty archival papers/reports and presentations. Among these, his research based on Ph.D. thesis has won him a “Mile Stone Research Award of the decade (1980-1990)” by the Journal of Applied Optics, and a “NASA Small Business Research Award,” (2000-2001) for pioneering work in aircraft noise prediction and mitigation.

Chief Engineer
Jeff Hetzel

ISEM, LLC Headquarters